180 Youth

Friday's at 7:30pm (Ages 13-25)

180 Youth is a youth driven and youth focused service that tackles relevant issues young people face every day. It is our desire to equip them with the tools they need to serve God with passion and excellence. Through teaching, challenging, and serving, 180 Youth seeks to help Teens and Young adults to build a strong foundation on Christ and a powerful walk with God.

Our Vision for the Youth

We commit that in order to inspire our youth, we must challenge them to live for Christ with
all of their hearts and to join us in taking “faith-filled risks” for God.

Why Encourage your child to come to 180 Youth Group?

Outside of the obvious opportunity for fellowship that comes with joining our youth group, there are several crucial benefits to participation in the ministry.


By joining, we work together to build an atmosphere of discipleship. Through participation in worship, reading, studying the Bible, and evangelism, our young people develop a sense of
urgency to know God and commit themselves to his service.

Bridge the Gap

180 Youth, bridges the gap between the younger and the older, passing the torch to the next generation of leaders. Our youth are encouraged to contribute to the church and to be engaged with the other adults. These steps help young men and women to have a sense of
value and importance! While at the same time challenging them to embrace responsibility, and to see themselves through the eyes of Christ.

Ongoing Activities

Every activity that the group engages in is structured to provide a safe environment where young people can discover Gods plan for their lives.

  • Weekly Bible Studies (Friday nights at 7:30pm)
  • Youth Rallies (locally and out of town)
  • Believers Boot Camp (Annual weeklong Camp that takes place in early August)
  • Youth Concerts and evangelistic events

Meet the team

Dave & Liz Sanchez

Youth Leaders