Where are you located?
4600 Meadows Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89107

Right near Meadows mall on Decatur & Meadows Lane.

What does a service look like?
In each service we have a time of worship with music, an opening prayer, brief announcements, we take an offering and have an engaging 30-45 minutes of relevant Bible-based preaching. Altogether each service lasts about 60-75 minutes.

Why plan a visit?
When you plan your visit then you can be assured that we are prepared for you! One of our Pastors will contact you to answer any questions you may have, our Welcome Team can show you around when you arrive, help you get your kids set up, and also give you a welcome gift for coming. You will be glad that you planned your visit, and you can do it by clicking the blue button on the bottom right of this page.

What should I wear?
At The Potter’s House you will see a range of different clothing styles from casual to a suit and tie. Our staff and most of our volunteers will be wearing formal attire but as a guest we invite you to come wearing what is comfortable for you.

Where do I park?
We have a large parking lot in front of our building with plenty of spaces available to you. We also do have multiple handicap parking spots available near the front entrance.