Meet Our Pastoral Team

Scott Lamb

Senior Pastor
Pastor Scott Lamb surrendered his life to Jesus in 1974 after witnessing the powerful changed lives of both his father and friend during the end of the Jesus People Movement. He had a radical conversion experience that saved him out of a hippie-drug-addiction lifestyle, or as pastor Lamb would say, "drugs, sex, and rock n' roll", into a young man filled with the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Lamb has been pastoring in Las Vegas since 2005. He has previously pastored in San Diego, CA, Prescott, AZ, El Paso, TX, and Cortez, CO and has preached in many countries around the world. When he's not preaching, you'll find Pastor Lamb rocking guitar solos as the lead guitarist for the band "Flying the Bride" and playing for the worship band.

Married to his wife Gail Lamb for 40 years, they have had 4 children and 6 grandchildren. God has compelled him to continue reaching and sharing with people the saving grace of Jesus Christ 47 years later.

Mark Looney

Assistant Pastor
 A Las Vegas native, Pastor Mark Looney was raised in a broken home and became trapped in the lifestyle the city of Las Vegas offers. By the time he was raised 13 years old, Pastor Looney was already hitting the streets, drinking alcohol, and smoking marijuana that progressed to other drugs. This same lifestyle continued through adulthood, but it all changed when Pastor Looney as a newlywed and father began to realize the need of direction in his life.

In 1985, both Pastor Looney and his wife Lynn heard the gospel preached “straight up” and responded to the invitation to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Their lives have never been the same.

Pastor Looney previously served as an evangelist and had also pastored in another area in Las Vegas, NV. Today, he is the Assistant Pastor, Lead Singer-Guitarist for "Flying the Bride". He has also been married to his wife Lynn for 42 years and they have 2 children.

Chris Smart

Assistant Pastor
In 2010, a friend invited Pastor Chris Smart to a church baptism and after seeing the personal transformation taking place in the life of a close friend, Pastor Smart knew that there was something more to Christianity that he had not seen or experienced. This sparked a life-altering decision and began his journey to follow Jesus.

Pastor Smart has been pastoring since 2015 and has served in  North Las Vegas, NV, San Pedro, CA, and in 2021 he accepted the role of assistant pastor for the West Las Vegas Potter's House church.

He serves alongside his wife Kelly and their 3 children.